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Infinity Drive Overview

Embed Oxygen into your desktop app. Give your application a modern cloud drive users will love.

Embedded Cloud Drive

Infinity Drive is a programmable cloud drive for your application. It provides a REST API for configuring and monitoring cloud drive integration with your cloud content. Infinity Drive features the same OS integration and scalability as Oxygen Drive, except without any UI. You embed Infinity Drive into your application and create the UX that is right for your product.

Launch Fast
Launch your new cloud drive in weeks, not years. Infinity Drive provides everything you need to make application files natively available to users and applications. The proven system eliminates the guesswork and product cycles required to build a reliable, synchronized cloud drive. It compresses time-to-value and allows your team to focus on product differentiation.

Accelerate User Adoption
Users expect and demand native access to cloud files. Stopping to upload or download a file is too cumbersome and disruptive. With Infinity Drive, users access cloud files from File Explorer, and user applications access cloud storage without modification. Leverage Infinity Drive to simplify your product and drive adoption.

Unlimited Scalability
Infinity Drive works with storage at any scale. It doesn't matter if the storage account contains gigabytes or terabytes. Infinity Drive uses progressive, on-demand sync to maintain fast, consistent access to any storage. Its unique design eliminates the barriers to mass adoption, allowing users to access unlimited storage.

How It Works

1. Integrate
Oxygen works with you to integrate your cloud content with Infinity Drive. We analyze your system and build a custom integration using best practices to optimize reliability and performance. The result is a customized Infinity Drive ready for embedding.

2. Embed
Include the customized Infinity Drive within your application to provide scalable, native storage access to users and applications. Our REST API gives your team a simple, robust interface to rapidly program your cloud drive and develop your unique UI.

Fully Programmable
Infinity Drive is an invisible background system powering your cloud drive. There is no branding or UI. Your application configures and manages Infinity Drive using the REST API. You can utilize and package features based on your requirements, which gives your product team the flexibility to create and execute the optimal product roadmap.

Self-Contained Architecture
Infinity Drive is a set of daemons you install and uninstall with your application. Once installed, it starts automatically and runs your cloud drives. Besides access to your cloud, Infinity Drive does not depend on any network services. Also, all credentials stay on the machine for maximum privacy. Infinity Drive is self-contained to simplify deployment and maximize reliability.



  • Embeddable Installer
  • Background Service
  • Storage Integration
  • File System Integration


  • Progressive Sync
  • Sparse Files
  • File Badging
  • Automated Retry
  • Offline Handling
  • On-demand Offload
  • On-demand Download
  • Asynchronous Update
  • Undelete/Trash
  • In-line Permission Checking


  • Progress Monitoring
  • Error Monitoring
  • Conflict Detection


  • Exclusion Rules
  • Multiple Drives
  • One-to-one Sync
  • One-to-many Sync
  • Auto-Offload
  • Auto-Download
  • Automatically Empty Trash
  • Schedule Background Refresh
  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption


Infinity Drive includes managed integration, developer support, licensing, and monthly updates. Pricing is a fixed monthly subscription plus variable usage. The simple delivery model ensures reliability, performance, and the fastest time to market. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a proposal.

Getting Started

Talk to an expert. We can help you decide if Infinity Drive is the right path for your product. We can also put your engineering team in touch with developer support and access to developer resources.

Updated 3 months ago

Infinity Drive Overview

Embed Oxygen into your desktop app. Give your application a modern cloud drive users will love.

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