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Oxygen Cloud

Oxygen Cloud develops multi-cloud storage solutions for IT admins and application developers.

Solve Multi-Cloud Storage

Oxygen Cloud develops cloud storage solutions for IT admins and application developers. Our technology platform solves multi-cloud storage by aggregating different accounts into a global namespace with a unified interface.

No Migration
Our unique approach aggregates lightweight access instead of heavyweight data. We provide unified, in-place access to multi-cloud storage without moving data. Oxygen deploys instantly to provide centralized access to all data storage.

No Disruption
By integrating storage systems instead of moving data, Oxygen solutions work with existing systems without change. Current applications and Oxygen see and share the same storage using the same permission model. Oxygen deploys instantly without disrupting ongoing operations.

Future Proof
Oxygen solutions evolve with storage. Current storage integrations are expertly maintained and updates with storage APIs. And anyone can integrate new storage by implementing the open Gateway API or create new universal storage solutions with the Oxygen API.

IT Solutions

Get the new cloud drive for IT Admins. Connect any server to any cloud storage.

Synchronize local folders with cloud storage. Keep data reliably synchronized across machines.

Access any storage from the command line. Create scripts to automate processing.

Centralized Storage Catalog
Centralize storage accounts. Manage and access everything with a unified login.

Virtual Storage
Recombine and share storage. Provision granular access across storage.

Backup any folder to any cloud storage. Keep data protected and accessible.

Encrypt cloud storage with zero-knowledge encryption. Ensure complete data privacy.

File Server Gateway
Access private files servers from Oxygen. Unify private storage with cloud storage.

Developer Solutions

Infinity Drive
Embed Oxygen into your application. Give your users a modern cloud drive they will love.

Multi-Cloud Storage Gateway
Access multi-cloud storage with one API. Enable access to any cloud storage from your application.

Custom Storage Gateway
Implement a custom Gateway for your application. Access your application data from Oxygen.

Your Solution

Let Oxygen Cloud solve your multi-cloud storage problem. We can create a custom or semi-custom solution for your specific requirements and deliver it as a managed subscription service. It's easy. Give us your business requirements, and our experienced team of cloud storage experts generates the answer. Contact us to learn more about your solution.

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Oxygen Cloud

Oxygen Cloud develops multi-cloud storage solutions for IT admins and application developers.

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